[Taxacom] "A Few Bad Scientists Are Threatening to Topple Taxonomy": more political nonsense

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Hey Ray,

Why not try writing in a polite tone for once? You can basically make all the same points, but you won't alienate your audience so much. Such alienation is counterproductive to your goals.

Anyway, I would just like to agree with you in general about comment blogs. It is common for a blog author to act as comments moderator. Often, this results in them blocking any comments which disagree or criticise their stated view/opinion in any way, and only let through what they agree with. The only thing that we can do is to be aware of this problem, and recognise that blog comments may be highly biased, and that alternative view holders may have been blocked from commenting.


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 Dear all, 
 I also seem to have been blocked from the thread as well.
 The latest "Hoser bashing" article is more toxic
 that uninformed people may realise.
 There are stack of obvious factual defects, including
 that claim that I, Hoser petitioned the ICZN in 2009 to
 rename a genus of rattlesnake and was REFUSED.
 No such petition happened and so the claim MUST be false.
 The link "substantiating" the claim is to a Wuster
 controlled webpage telling people not to use the Hoser genus
 name Hoserea Hoser, 2009 and nothing more.
 It is the same circular self-citing crap that the Wuster
 team have become quite expert at and using to peddle their
 ISIS-like brand of lies and hatred.
 Thankfully Wuster is neither the ICZN or the majority of
 As for his "majority view", lie, this is well
 perpetuated by the author of the latest rant, by REFUSING to
 speak with the less vocal majority or even the vocal ones in
 the group, for some balance in all this.
 All we get are the same misleading quotes from Wuster,
 Kaiser and the usual suspects.
 In terms of comments at the end of the (obviously NOT peer
 reviewed) blog piece, several people I know have tried to
 post correcting comments on the blog and they have all been
 stopped by the moderator, while rubbish comments are put
 And finally, in terms of taxonomic vandalism, we need a
 quick reality check.
 Myself (Hoser) has never tried to rename anything .... it is
 all new taxa.
 Not one single piece of "taxonomic vandalism"!
 By contrast Wuster and his gang had at last count illegally
 renamed no less than 41 species, genera and family (yes we
 are talking known objective junior synonyms) of many authors
 (not just I) and then improperly tried to get everyone else
 to use the wrong
 As for alleged majority support, this seems to fade when
 one looks at books, when pretty much all of them use the
 correct (non Wuster gang) names.
 All the best
 Raymond Hoser
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