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> Dear all,
> Thank you very much for the answers.
> The reason I think the type species is a nomen nudum is because it only
> appears in a species list under the generic name. I could find no other
> mention to this species in the text or subsequent publications.
> You have helped me a lot.
> All the best,

Perhaps the species was originally validly named by someone else in another 
genus but the author you are referring to placed it in his new genus without 
clear citation of the original genus name.

Did the author specifically state that the 'nomen nudum' is a new name in 
the publication in which he named the new genus? If not, I recommend you 
check whether the species name was previously described in a different genus 
of similar species.

Without stating the genus and species names involved experts on Taxacom 
cannot help confirm (or not) your conclusions about the status of the names. 
I appreciate that perhaps you are worried that a reader might take your 
information and publish it themselves, but we cannot give accurate 
assistance without more information.


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