[Taxacom] "Felder & Rogenhofer 1874"

Doug Yanega dyanega at ucr.edu
Fri Sep 22 11:44:45 CDT 2017

Hi. Can anyone give a definitive statement regarding the work linked here:


Here is the situation: this particular work, as linked here from the 
Smithsonian's copy, LOOKS like a single work, and the second page says 
"Juli 1875". However, if you look at the plates at the end, they all 
have a date at the bottom that says 1868. There are some names that 
appear differently in the text and plates, so potentially made available 
on different dates if they were *not* simultaneously issued. This 
potentially affects the validity of at least one genus name presently in 
use, so I would like to be certain I have the details correct.

Neave, in the Nomenclator Zoologicus, cites names in the plates as being 
from 1868, and names in the text as being from 1874.

References to this work in the NHM Catalog at


cite the names appearing in the plates as being from 1874 and the text 
as being from 1875 (despite both being linked to the BHL copy which has 
them in a single work).

I have not yet been able to locate any source that explains (1) what 
*evidence* there is that the plates and text were published separately, 
nor (2) how and why one of the dates is usually given as 1874, nor (3) 
why the dates of the presumed separate parts are given inconsistently by 
different sources. It also strikes me as odd that the work seems 
*uniformly* cited as "Felder & Rogenhofer" when the text rather clearly 
lists TWO Felders, Cajetan and Rudolf (shouldn't it then be Felder, 
Felder & Rogenhofer?).

This is very confusing, to say the least, and I would be grateful if 
anyone can point to something that would help iron this out.


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