[Taxacom] Can the (herbarium) curators keep their own private herbaria?

Joseph Cohen jdcohenesq at gmail.com
Wed Aug 1 15:24:23 CDT 2018

Background, for your information and/or amusement:

Adolf Ceska has repeatedly pestered the (volunteer) developers of Mushroom
Observer with complaints like:

"By automatically including "Personal Herbarium" line into the
Contributors' Profile, you are making trouble to the institutional
herbarium curators, who have joined or would like to join MO." (Citing only
his own Jul 30, 2018 8:31:10 pm post to this list.)

When asked for the names of people for whom we had made trouble[1], he
replied (in part):

"Don’t ask such silly questions."

[1] I.e., the institutional herbarium curators who (a) declined to use
Mushroom Observer because of the "Personal Herbarium" line in the
Contributors' Profile; or
(b) ran into trouble with their institution because of the "Personal
Herbarium" line in the Contributors' Profile.

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