[Taxacom] Questions about availability of a species name

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Hi Jose,
"The original paper did not state the holotype depository. Thus, the species name is unavailable under the current ICZN. Right?"
Right, IF the original paper really did not state the holotype depository. Can you send me the PDF, so that I can check (a statement of depository can be somewhat less than obvious).
As Doug has stated, if you are correct, then the name is TECHNICALLY still unavailable, though it is such a minor technicality (affecting many names) that it probably isn't worth highlighting (and so it is arguably best to act as if the holotype depository was stated in the original description).
Please note that a subsequently validated name takes not only the date but also the authorship of the validating paper, not the "original" paper!

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 Subject: [Taxacom] Questions about availability of a species name
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 Hi all,
 I would greatly appreciate some
 help/comments on the following topic. I have added a
 "Right?" to the  end of my paragraphs to mark my
 questions (and NOT because I think that I am necessarily
 right!). Hopefully you can clarify me the situation.
 Microplitis vitellipedis Li, Tan &
 Song was described in 2009 from China The original paper did
 not state the holotype depository. Thus, the species name is
 unavailable under the current ICZN. Right?
 Then in 2015 a taxonomic review of the
 Oriental species of Microplitis refers to that species. It
 states that the holotype is deposited in the Hunan
 Agricultural University, China. That happens to be the
 institution which the authors of the original description
 were affiliated with (at least at the time of the 2009
 publication). The 2015 paper, from Indian researchers,
 states that "the type specimen of this species could not be
 examined" and that they based their species description,
 illustration and place in the key to Oriental Microplitis
 species on specimens from India that they actually examined.
 I am not sure if the 2015 authors contacted the Chinese
 colleagues to verify that the type was indeed deposited in
 the Hunan Agricultural University, China. But that may be
 beyond the point, because what matters is that, if the type
 depository was explicitly (and clearly) stated in the 2015
 paper, then that would comply with the ICZN requirements and
 thus would make the name Microplitis vitellipedis Li, Tan
 & Song available. Right?
 Assuming that the two previous
 paragraphs are correct, then my last question is, how to
 refer to that species? I mean the species name and authors
 would remain the same, but the actual date assigned to that
 name should be 2015 (the moment when the species name
 fulfilled all criteria to be considered an available name,
 sensu ICZN) and not 2009. Right? Should it be then
 Microplitis vitellipedis Li, Tan & Song 2015? Is there
 something there that I may be missing? Or some assumptions
 that are wrong? Or better ways to interpret the situation?
 [If someone is interested in checking
 the cited references, I will be happy to send pdf copies off
 list (just send me an email for that). In any case the two
 references are: a) Original Description Reference: Li,
 Xi-ying; Tan, Ji-cai and Song, Dong-bao. 2009. A new species
 of Microplitis Foerster (Hymenoptera: Braconidae:
 Microgastrinae) of China. Entomotaxonomia. 31(3):225-229; b)
 subsequent and so far only reference known to me: Ranjith,
 A.P.; Rajesh, K.M. and Nasser, M.. 2015. Taxonomic studies
 on Oriental Microplitis Foerster (Hymenoptera: Braconidae,
 Microgastrinae) with description of two new species from
 South India. Zootaxa. 3963(3):369-415].
 Thanks a lot for any help you can
 All the best,
 José L. Fernández-Triana, Ph.D.
 Research Scientist, Agriculture and
 Agri-Food Canada
 Canadian National Collection of Insects
 960 Carling Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario,
 Phone: 613-759-1034. Email: jose.fernandez at agr.gc.ca<mailto:jose.fernandez at agr.gc.ca>
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