[Taxacom] nomen nuda and missing authors

Francisco Welter-Schultes fwelter at gwdg.de
Thu Aug 23 17:53:28 CDT 2018

Dear Mike,
also in this Case I'd consult the Code of Ethics. Art. 2 talks about 
zoologists who should not publish new names if they have reason to 
believe that another zoologist intends to establish a name for it.
In your case this seems not so.
I would try to contact that former colleague. If this is not possible, 
and if there is reason to believe that he is not interested in 
entomology any more, I believe you are free to establish these names. 
Acknowledging his work and explaining the circumstances in such a paper 
would certainly be fair. The community needs names for these animals for 
purposes of communication. Someone should name them.


Francisco Welter-Schultes

Am 24.08.2018 um 00:26 schrieb Michael A. Ivie:
> While we are talking about making names available without impinging on 
> the work of others, I have a question about the morals of a situation 
> that I think comes up relatively often.
> Stephen Wayne Nichols published a paper on scaratine carabids in 
> Liebherr's 1988 book on West Indian Biogeography, and used several nomen 
> nuda.  The work had photos and distribution maps, and it is sometimes 
> possible to figure out what the names go with.  He then finished a 
> dissertation at Cornell, also in 1988, in which he fully treated the 
> names with descriptions and repositories, but never published it.  A 
> couple years later, he simply disappeared. He seems to have 
> intentionally disappeared from all entomology related aspects of his 
> former life.  I was an office mate and fellow grad student with Steve, 
> and considered him a good friend, so this is not hearsay.
> These nomen nuda have made their way into the literature, along with 
> some new combinations and other details.  I need to use the information 
> in his dissertation, but the names are unavailable, and I don't want to 
> validate them under my name.  Is it moral to submit a paper under his 
> name with the minimum data needed to validate the names? Would an editor 
> even allow such? Should they? What about lifting passages from the 
> dissertation and putting them in a paper authored by myself, but 
> attributing the names to Nichols? Can I do that without permission?
> Any ideas?
> Mike Ivie

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