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In Moore, F. (1882), "List of Lepidoptera collected by the Reverend JH 
Hocking cheifly in the Kangra district, NW Himalaya, with descriptions 
of New Genera and Species. ', /Proc.zool.Soc.London/, 1882 (1): 234-263, 
pls 11-12., I find some descriptions of /Callerebia/, among others. 
About /Callerebia intermedia/, for example, Moore means: Expanse [= 
Exp.]: ♂ 2 ^1/10 , ♀ 2 ^4/10 inches. This dimension obviously refers to 
the wingspan, because, otherwise, /Callerebia intermedia/ would be as 
big as a /Papilio polyxenes/, and it is not the case.

I do not really know if Moore has ever changed his system to indicate 
the size of the butterflies, but I assume he has always used the same.

Il 17/02/2018 06:27, John Grehan ha scritto:
> This is an inquiry directed to any Lepidoptera taxonomist who might be
> closely acquainted with the taxonomic works of Frederick Moore who wrote in
> the 1800's. IN an 1877 paper he refers to wing measurements as "Exp." Does
> anyone by any chance have sufficient familiarity with Moore's publications
> to definitively know whether that refers to wingspan or wing length? If so
> I would be pleased to hear from them.
> Thanks,
> John Grehan
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