[Taxacom] Names and naming of dark taxa

Henrik Nilsson henrik.nilsson at bioenv.gu.se
Sat Feb 24 11:43:02 CST 2018

Here’s a recent commentary on names and naming of dark taxa:
A growing proportion of fungal species and lineages are known only from sequence data and cannot be linked to any physical specimen or resolved taxonomic name. Such fungi are often referred to as “dark taxa” or “dark matter fungi”. As they lack a taxonomic identity in the form of a name, they are regularly ignored in many important contexts, for example in legalisation and species counts. It is therefore very urgent to find a system to also deal with these fungi. Here, issues relating to the taxonomy and nomenclature of dark taxa are discussed and a number of questions that the mycological community needs to consider before deciding on what system/s to implement are highlighted.
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Henrik Nilsson
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