[Taxacom] Alternatives in biogeography

John Grehan calabar.john at gmail.com
Wed Jan 3 12:11:41 CST 2018

Since I am always harping on about the dark side of evolutionary
biogeogrpahy I should at least highlight an opposite occassion, this being
the Missouri Botanical Garden in its website on Ericales at
http://www.mobot.org/mobot/research/apweb/orders/ericalesweb.htm where they
at least make the effort to mention that there are alternatives to chance
dispersal with respect to Macaronesia. Brief, but nice to see this
professionalism and at least this institution is not bowing to the dictates
of Waters, Trewick,Paterson, Spencer, Kennedy, D. Craw, Burridge and Wallis

John Grehan


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