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Vladimir Gusarov vladimir.gusarov at nhm.uio.no
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Dear Andy,

Shûhei Nomura born in 1962 is an expert on pselaphine staphylinids. I 
was not aware of the other person with the same name, but based on the 
papers listed in Wikispecies, Nomura (I) published three papers on a 
different family, Scarabaeidae.

The paper you cite must be by Shûhei Nomura the pselaphine expert, born 
in 1962. It is easy to contact the author by email if you have more 

Hope this helps,


On 15.01.2018 12:34, Andy Mabbett wrote:
> Over on Wikispecies and Wikidata, we are trying to disentangle the
> works of two Japanese entomologists called "Shûhei Nomura":
>    https://species.wikimedia.org/wiki/Shûhei_Nomura
> The first was active during the period (at least) 1951; the second was
> born in 1962.
> A particular concern is the paper:
>    Nomura, S. & Wang, F.X. 1991.
>    Description of a New Cavernicolous Species of
>    the Genus Batrisodellus (Coleoptera, Pselaphidae)
>    from Southeast China.
>    Elytra 19(1): 77-83.
> which plausibly overlaps both careers.
> http://viaf.org/viaf/2029148390826610830001/ may refer to the earlier person.
> Can anyone please help to disentangle them, or provide biographical
> information (birthdates, employers, identifiers) which may do so?


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