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In response to Wolfgang's point. Yes this is what I have been told also and
is why I never put new names in the title or abstract. I get its not
necessary, due to the points Neal made in an earlier response, BUt I have
always preferred the first mention of the new name to be where I define it,
which is usually the same place I define the types etc. I agree it is not a
problem these days. However I have kept this practice throughout my career.
I do however always put the parent taxa into the title name, eg family,
order etc.

In the modern world with good use of search engines whole document scanning
is easily possible, so I do not think it makes much of an issue. Any reent
publication naming a new taxa is online somewhere.

Cheers, Scott

On Thu, Jan 25, 2018 at 7:43 PM, Peter Uetz <peter at uetz.us> wrote:

> PS: I did some homework and checked the situation for reptiles:
> Out of the ~6500 publications describing the 10,000 or so reptile species,
> less than 10% have species names in their title
> (either the current name or the original name, if the two are different).
> I don’t have access to databased abstracts but suspect that no more than
> 20% of abstracts have the new name.
> For the ~1200 reptile genera it’s similar with ~140 (~12%) original
> descriptions have the name in the title,
> even though most of them were published in older papers that didn’t have
> abstracts.
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