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Hi John,

You are looking at ICZN Article 31.1 .1, which applies when a personal name is Latin or Latinized, but what you want is Article 31.1.2, which applies when the genitive is formed directly from the modern personal name. "Juliae" and "Yuliyae" are both acceptable spellings under the Code, depending on which procedure an author chooses to use. Once published, however, one cannot be emended to the other.

These articles are also why an epithet based on your name could be spelled "grehanii" or "grehani". In the former, your name is Latinized to "Grehanius", the genitive form of which is "grehanii"; in the latter your name is not Latinized and the genitive ending is added directly: "grehani". People usually don't state the Latinization step, so it is inferred from the form of the word.

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Dear colleagues,

I would be grateful for opinions on a situation concerning the correct spelling of a species name under the current rules. This concerns a Russian name for which the Latin spelling is Yuliya. So if this were a species name it would be Yuliyae. This has been widely applied to species names (usually in combination with a family name) in the taxonomic literature, including by some prominent and experienced taxonomists.

However, I have received one counter point that the Latin name equivialent is Julia and so the correct species name spelling would be Juliae because the rule states "A species-group name formed from a personal name that is Latin, or from a modern personal name that is or has been latinized." and so Yuliyae would represent a misspelling that would be subject to future emendation.

What I do not see explicit in the rule is that the whole name has to be in its Latin equivalent - that Yuliya has to be as Julia. The name Юлия - in Russian language, translates directly to Latin English will be Yuliya (and that is what happens with Google translated. To me this would be consistent with names that do not necessarily have a whole name Latin counterpart.

If there are any Russian language members of TAXACOM who could weigh in I would be most grateful. I do intent do use Yuliya since it has several precedents and is the preference of the collector.

Many thanks,

John Grehan
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