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Gary and Thomas,

Thank you for that reassurance on the correct naming!


On Thu, Jul 5, 2018 at 1:06 PM, Thomas Pape <tpape at snm.ku.dk> wrote:

> John,
> >>> So if this were a species name it would be Yuliyae
> The spelling "yuliyae" will be Code-compliant.
> There is no requirement in the zoological Code, "that the whole name has
> to be in its Latin equivalent - that Yuliya has to be as Julia".
> Note also, that Article 3.1.2. states that "... the stem of [a
> species-group name formed directly from a modern personal name] is
> determined by the action of the original author when forming the genitive".
> This means that also "yuliae" would be a Code-compliant spelling.
> /Thomas
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> Dear colleagues,
> I would be grateful for opinions on a situation concerning the correct
> spelling of a species name under the current rules. This concerns a Russian
> name for which the Latin spelling is Yuliya. So if this were a species name
> it would be Yuliyae. This has been widely applied to species names (usually
> in combination with a family name) in the taxonomic literature, including
> by some prominent and experienced taxonomists.
> However, I have received one counter point that the Latin name equivialent
> is Julia and so the correct species name spelling would be Juliae because
> the rule states "A species-group name formed from a personal name that is
> Latin, or from a modern personal name that is or has been latinized." and
> so Yuliyae would represent a misspelling that would be subject to future
> emendation.
> What I do not see explicit in the rule is that the whole name has to be in
> its Latin equivalent - that Yuliya has to be as Julia. The name Юлия - in
> Russian language, translates directly to Latin English will be Yuliya (and
> that is what happens with Google translated. To me this would be consistent
> with names that do not necessarily have a whole name Latin counterpart.
> If there are any Russian language members of TAXACOM who could weigh in I
> would be most grateful. I do intent do use Yuliya since it has several
> precedents and is the preference of the collector.
> Many thanks,
> John Grehan
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