[Taxacom] zoological nomenclature species question

Viktor Hartung viktor.hartung at yahoo.de
Fri Jul 6 10:49:09 CDT 2018



there isalso a useful paper by the late Izyaslav Kerzhner (and a coauthor), who was abig authority in taxonomy, concerning the latinization of Russian names:Kerzhner, I. M., & Nartshuk, E. P. (1992). Recommendations for spellingRussian names and titles. Folia Ent. Hung, 52: 71-88. The authors alsofavor "Yuliya" over "Julia"; this taken together with theremarks by Tomas and Gary lends good support to your view. I tried to attachthe paper here, but this did not work out; please do not hesitate to ask if youwant to have it . 


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