[Taxacom] Papers Staphylinidae

Patricia Gonzalez vainer at fcien.edu.uy
Fri Jul 6 15:20:17 CDT 2018

 I am looking for these papers:

*Seevers, C.H. 1955. A revision of the tribe Amblyopinini: Staphylinid
beetles pararsitic on mammals. Fieldiana (Zool.) 37:211-264*

*Fauvel, A. 1900. Amblyopinus, Myotyphlus et Edrabius. Revue ent. 19: 61-66*

I would greatly appreciate your help.

Dra. Patricia González Vainer
Sección Entomología
Facultad de Ciencias
Iguá 4225 CP 11400
Montevideo, Uruguay

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