[Taxacom] an announce of a book on the taxonomic theory

igor pavlinov ipvl2008 at mail.ru
Mon Jul 16 07:03:58 CDT 2018

Dear taxocomers,
I’d like to announce hereby the final printing of my book on the theory of biological systematics, as a result of the project.
Its official reference and annotation are as foolow:
И.Я. Павлинов. Основания биологической систематики: история и теория. — Сборник трудов Зоологического музея МГУ, 55. Москва: Т-во научн. изданий КМК. 2018. 786 с.
Изложены основания биологической систематики, рассматриваемой в полном объёме в историческом, теоретическом и отчасти философском аспектах. Общий контекст изложения сформирован неклассической философией науки в сочетании с эволюционной эпистемологией. Охарактеризованы основные таксономические исследовательские программы и теории (схоластическая, типологическая, организмическая, эволюционная в широком смысле, фенетическая, нумерическая, биоморфологическая), основные концепции (классификация, иерархия, таксон, гомология, признак, родство, сходство, взвешивание), теоретические основания номенклатуры. Проанализированы основные причины их исторической динамики, выделены основные этапы и направления их развития. Библ. 3437.
Igor Ya. Pavlinov. Foundations of biological systematics: History and theory. — Archives of Zoological Museum of Moscow State University, 55. Moscow: KMK Sci. Press. 2018. 786 р.
The foundations of biological systematics are considered in full in its historical, theoretical, and partly philosophical aspects. The general context of the consideration is shaped by the nonclassical philosophy of science combined with evolutionary epistemology. The basic taxonomic research programs and theories (scholastic, typological, organismic, evolutionary sensu lato, phenetic, numeric, biomorphological), basic concepts (classification, hierarchy, taxon, homology, trait, kinship, similarity, weighting), and theoretical foundations of nomenclature are characterized. The main causes of their historical dynamics and the main stages and directions of their development are analyzed. Bibl. 3437.

For those who are curious about what this book might be, some English-translated (by myself) extractractons of some of its principal fragments are available from ResGate ( https://www.researchgate.net/publication/324360892_Foundations_of_biological_systematics_history_and_theory_a_fragmentary_translation  ).
Those who might wish to have its “hard-copy”, can order it from KMK Sci Press using URL http://avtor-kmk.ru/pages/zakaz.php?id=744. Unfortunately, this publishing has still no English version of its web-site, as it is basically Russian-oriented. Probably, this problem will be resolved in a while. However, if someone wish decisively to have that cope right now, please write me (igor_pavlinov#zmmu.msu.ru), I’ll do my best to help you.

My bests,


- - -
Igor Ya. Pavlinov, DrS
Zoological Museum of Lomonosov Moscow State University
ul. Bol'shaya Nikitskaya 6
125009 Moscow 

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