[Taxacom] Fishbase needs donations

Wouter Addink wouter.addink at naturalis.nl
Wed Jul 18 09:30:19 CDT 2018

message at fishbase website:

*Note from the Editors: Dear FishBase users, We have just been informed
that a major payment to support the FishBase encoders in 2018 will not be
made. It comes at a time when use of FishBase produced a major scientific
<https://www.facebook.com/FishBase/posts/1885134558216592>with far-reaching
practical implications. This leaves us with a funding gap of 200,000 US$
until end of 2018. We will now have to ask our expert staff
<https://www.fishbase.de/FBTeam.php> [in the Philippines] to go on unpaid
leave until we receive additional funding. This is an urgent call for your
help: If FishBase is useful to you, please donate
<https://www.fishbase.de/donate/donate.php> to bring us back on track.*

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