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*Graduate research assistantship:*

*Diversity and ecology of saproxylic insects in southeastern U.S. forests*

Position description and background:

The Entomology Department at the University of Georgia, including adjunct
faculty from the USDA Forest Service, is looking for a Ph.D. student (and
offering a research assistantship) to work on projects addressing the
diversity, ecology and conservation of saproxylic insects (i.e., those that
depend on dying or dead wood) in the southeastern United States. Saproxylic
insects account for at least one fifth of forest insect biodiversity,
provide many important ecosystem services, and are sensitive to activities
that reduce the abundance and variety of dead wood in forests. This
position represents an opportunity to address some major knowledge gaps
concerning this group in North America. Focal areas for this research
include, but are not limited to, the following:

·         Relative importance of old-growth vs. second-growth forests

·         Conservation status and population genetics of target species

·         Utilization of non-native wood species


·         A record of productivity in research, preferably including an
M.S. degree

·         Comfort working outdoors

·         Passion for biodiversity and conservation

Start date:   Preferably Spring 2019

To apply:

If interested, please send your CV including your GPA, GRE scores, a
description of your research experience and contact information for 3
references to Joe McHugh (mchugh.jv at gmail.com). Also please indicate when
you would be available to start, if selected.

Joseph V. McHugh
Professor and Curator
Department of Entomology
University of Georgia
Athens, Georgia  30602-2603

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