[Taxacom] Can the (herbarium) curators keep their own private herbaria?

Adolf Ceska aceska at telus.net
Mon Jul 30 22:31:10 CDT 2018

Before I came to the BC Provincial Museum (now the Royal BC Museum - Index
Herbariorum abbrev. V), I kept two or three cabinets of our (Oluna & Adolf
Ceska) herbarium collections in their V herbarium hall. Later I was told
that the Museum rule was that the museum curators are not allowed to keep
their own, personal collections. I wonder, was this rule specific to the V

I did not know about that rule and I was glad to donate our collections to
V, something I had been doing even before I learned about such a rule.

I wonder, do you have a similar rule in your institution, or is it a result
of a traditional fight between the curators and the museum director?

Please, don't reply to all! Reply only to me and I will compile the answers.

All the best,

Adolf Ceska, Victoria, BC, Canada



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