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Roderic Page Roderic.Page at glasgow.ac.uk
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Hi David,

Very cool! I pitched a similar idea to GBIF with a hashtag #iamataxonomist but got nowhere. The idea was you could log in with an ORCID and discover who was a taxonomist, or whether somebody had published with a taxonomist coauthor. I was going to populate it via my work on http://bionames.org for animal names, and unreleased work on plant and fungal names. For many of these names I have DOIs for the publications which are in turn sometimes linked to ORCIDs, so you could capture people who don’t necessary identity themselves in https:///orcid.org as taxonomists, or whose papers don’t mention “taxonomy”.

I’m notionally on holiday for the next three weeks, but when I’m back I could look at generating a list of ORCIDs from taxonomic papers if that would help your project.



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On 21 Mar 2018, at 03:16, Shorthouse, David <davidpshorthouse at gmail.com<mailto:davidpshorthouse at gmail.com>> wrote:

All -

Yesterday was World Taxonomist Appreciation Day so naturally I asked,
"How many active taxonomists are there"? And secondarily, "Where are
they & what do they work on?"

Here's the barebones result: http://taxonomists.shorthouse.net/

Not there? Get yourself an ORCID at https://orcid.org, add a keyword
"taxonomist" or "taxonomy" and then link your works. Once a day I poll
ORCID and fire the titles of your publications through the Global
Names Recognition and Discovery service, http://gnrd.globalnames.org/
to glean your taxa of expertise.

Perhaps by next March 19 we can give this a more professional home,
have a collective celebration, and use it for something bigger.

David P. Shorthouse
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