[Taxacom] Earth BioGenome Project in the news

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Hi all,
      This is just a minor quibble, but is the United Kingdom actually a "single country", a nation, or something else?  I assume those 66,000 species will include species in Northern Ireland (being a part of the United Kingdom).  It wouldn't seem to make biogeographic sense to include Northern Ireland, but not the rest of Ireland.  But I guess it makes political sense if the taypayers of Northern Ireland are helping subsidize this program.  I guess they had to draw the line somewhere, even if the United Kingdom doesn't make a lot of sense biogeographically.

        But I guess the main idea is to lead to the expansion world wide and ultimately get funding for a worldwide project.  That would be nice, but if politics is a factor, who pays for what (and how much) will likely become even more of a factor.  Not so much Brexit, but an even broader Amerexit that will likely continue to build for at least two more years.  That could be the major hurdle for such an expanded program in the near term.

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Dear Taxacomers,

I heard a news item this morning in Australia regarding the Earth BioGenome
Project which appears to be having some sort of launch around now.



referring back to this April 2018 article:

My take is that this is of relevance to the taxonomic community in a number
of ways - e.g. to reveal cryptic species, other taxa that may in fact be
the same, etc. etc. - as well as drawing heavily on the work of taxonomists
to date (although a lot of the species-intensive inventorying is likely to
be in the out years). I'd be interested to hear how others in the taxonomy
world are viewing this...

Regards to all - Tony

Tony Rees, New South Wales, Australia
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