[Taxacom] An item about you in Wikidata?

Andy Mabbett andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk
Sun Oct 14 03:40:38 CDT 2018

If you have named a taxon, or authored some other scientific or
academic paper, then, eventually if not now, there will be an item
about you in Wikidata, the open-, linked-data sister project of
Wikipedia. There may be a Wikipedia biography also, but the criteria
for inclusion on Wikidata are less strict.

For example, here is the item about Rod Page:


Note that the URL slug is a UID for Rod, "Q7356570", known as a "QID".

Using Wikidata's "what links here" function:


we can see the Wikidata items about some of the papers he's authored,
and some of the taxa he's named.

An alternative, more human-readable, presentation of the item's data
about Rod is available via the 'Reasonator' tool:


and a rich visualisation of the data about Rod and his publications,
and their relationships with other authors, etc, is shown by the
'Scholia' tool:


Wikidata is currently drawing such data from ORCID records, and
pulling in metadata about papers with DOIs. This process is automated,
and there is now tool to bring an individual to the front of the
queue; if you wish to do this for yourself or a colleague/ co-author,
and you/ they have an ORCID iD whose list of publications is public
iD(s) at:


providing you first sign in with a Wikipedia user name. Alternatively
I can do this for you. I am also happy to add other IDs (Google
Scholar, Scopus ,VIAF, ISNI, etc) , Twitter user names, and website
URLs, to profiles - just drop me a reply off-list. It's also possible
to create items manually, about (for example) authors who died before
ORCID iDs were available.

I have written a page with advice for people who are the subject of a
Wikidata item:


which includes details of how to provide a photograph, should you wish to.

Finally, I'm happy to answer any questions you may have.

Andy Mabbett

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