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Sergio Henriques henriquesbio at gmail.com
Wed Sep 5 08:03:53 CDT 2018

Dear all:

If you wish to help Kury's team
<http://www.museunacional.ufrj.br/mndi/Aracnologia/aracgall3.htm>star over
and move forward after the recent disaster in Rio's National Museum, they
are looking for donations of:

- 50 ml falcon tubes
- flat bottom glass tubes of multiple sizes
- large jars with screw cap
- plastic trays, petri dishes, forceps
- ethanol
- inkjet printer and labelling cartriges
- label paper (filipaper - filicoat 180g/m3)
- computers
- shelves

or support their work, field trips and other costs via:
- PayPal
Adriano Kury: adrianok at gmail.com
- BTC Deposit Address
- NANO Deposit Address
- TC Deposit Address
- ETH Deposit Address

All the best

Sérgio Henriques

Chair of the Spider and Scorpion Specialist Group

IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature)
Zoological Society of London

Regent's Park

London NW1 4RY

Tel 020 7449 6642

www.iucn.org/species  www.iucnredlist.org

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