[Taxacom] Ebbe Nielsen Challenge submission

Shorthouse, David davidpshorthouse at gmail.com
Thu Sep 6 09:25:46 CDT 2018

All -

I threw my hat in the ring for GBIF's Ebbe Nielsen Challenge and
welcome you to take a gander at https://bloodhound.shorthouse.net/. If
you also have an ORCID account, try your hand at declaring the
specimens you identified or collected - assuming they're shown to you!
(*ducks and cowers*) And, if you're up for it, make your profile

I'm using this as fodder to help develop a 1:many extension to Darwin
Core with the joint RDA/TDWG Interest Group who are interested in how
to best attribute occurrence data to people. The extension has yet to
be named but will attempt to express from the source, a better
mechanism to share granular information about the actions people take
when collecting, identifying, and curating occurrence data & will
include identifiers for people. The logical identifier in today's
academic environment is ORCID - thus we can have a collective think
about academic credit systems for people who work at and contribute to
natural history collections -, but we'd expect the extension to be
supportive of other such identifiers. It's early days but here's its
workspace: https://github.com/tdwg/attribution. Others involved in
this possible extension to Darwin Core are cc'd here.


David P. Shorthouse

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