[Taxacom] Now 2 species/genera in Placozoa...

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Or just treat the names as available until such time as we have a Code that has some semblance of commonsense and practicality!


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 Unfortunately, it is more
 complicated than that.
 The original work was
 published e-only and without evidence in the work itself of
 registration in ZooBank.
 The journal PLOS
 BIOLOGY does not provide an intended archive under its
 registration in ZooBank.
 Therefore, this
 work cannot be regarded as published for the purposes of
 zoological nomenclature in its electronic form.
 Thus, unless there is a printed version of the
 work, the correction does not point to a published work.
 Even the correction itself does not comply with
 the ICZN in its electronic form.
 The placozoan names therefore remain
 The Commission
 is aware of the problems associated with such published but
 non-compliant works.
 Until a solution has
 been implemented, it is strongly recommended to consult with
 the Commission before attempting to 'resurrect'
 names and nomenclatural acts. 
 Thomas Pape
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 Subject: Re: [Taxacom] Now 2 species/genera in
 Just for
 completeness, this is to note that the authors of Eitel et
 (2018) have now published a correction
 that includes the relevant zoobank LSIDs to make the names
 mentioned above available.
 Regards - Tony
 Tony Rees, New South Wales,
 On Thu, 9 Aug 2018 at 09:09,
 Stephen Thorpe <stephen_thorpe at yahoo.co.nz>
 > I
 just now saw the lead author retrospectively register the
 article on 
 > ZooBank. I wonder if he
 understands fully that this does not directly 
 > address/solve the problem?
 > Stephen
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 Re: [Taxacom] Now 2 species/genera in Placozoa...
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 >  On Mon, 6 Aug
 2018 at 08:42, Stephen Thorpe <stephen_thorpe at yahoo.co.nz>
 >  wrote:
 >  Anyway
 [Big sigh!], the paper
 >  appears to be
 published e-only without ZooBank  preregistration, so 
 > the new names don't exist 
 >  Hi
 Stephen, that does indeed appear
 >  to
 be the case. I have just sent an email to the lead author 
 > Germany to see if they wish to
 rectify the apparent  oversight.
 >  regards - Tony
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