[Taxacom] Requesting Capek's monograph (1961)

Mostafa Ghafouri msc.ghafouri at gmail.com
Mon Sep 24 16:36:02 CDT 2018

 Dear colleagues,

Thank you very much to all for their kindly cooperation in sending the
desired papers.

I apologize in advance again, but I do not have access to another
reference. But it seems there are in the libraries of most universities and
museums. If it is possible for you to send them I would be appreciated.

*Čapek, M. 1961:* [Natürliche Feinde der Tannenlepidopteren mit besonderer
Berücksichtigung der Para-siten.]. – Bratislava: *158 pp.* (in Czech,
Russ., Germ. summ.).

Best regards,


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