[Taxacom] SOme entomology books and reprints available (US other than one on Nepal moths)

John Grehan calabar.john at gmail.com
Sat Aug 17 18:23:55 CDT 2019

For anyone interested, I  can send the following for token cost plus

Handfield, L. 1999. Papillons du Québec $2.00 plus postage

Holland, W.J. 1922. The Moth Book (Complete but binding loose). $2.00 plus

Haruta, T. Moths of Nepal Tinea Vol 16 (Supplement 1) 163 pp plus color
plates $1.00 plus postage

Schaefer, P.W. Bibliography of the browntail moth Euprctis chrysorrhoea (L)
and its natural enemies. 1986. 66 pp. Postage only

McGuffin, W.C. 1967 Guide to the Geometridae of Canada. Reprint. $1.00 plus

Fernald, C.H. 1896. The Crambidae of North America. 81 pp. & color plates.
Reprint. TWO copies. $1.00 each plus postage

Fernald, C.H. 1888. The Orthoptera of New England 61 pp. Reprint. TWO
copies. $1.00 each plus postage

Snyder, T.E. 1915. Biology of the termites of eastern United States with
preventive and remedial measures. 1915. 85 pp. Reprint $1.00 plus postage

Packard. A.S. 1993. The life histories of certain moths…Ceratocampidae,
Hemileucidae etc 191 pp. Reprint (roughly stapled) $1.00 plus postage

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