[Taxacom] Availability of Nephilingis Kuntner, 2013

Dilrukshan Wijesinghe dpwijesinghe at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 19 08:46:20 CDT 2019

Nephilingis Kuntner, 2013 was proposed in an online only appendix to the following paper:
Kuntner, M., Arnedo, M.A., Trontelj, P., Lokovšek, T. & Agnarsson, I. 2013. A molecular phylogeny of nephilid spiders: evolutionary history of a model lineage. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 69(3): 961-979. ezlab.zrc-sazu.si/uploads/2013/10/Kuntneral2013_NephPhylogeny.pdf

Can a name published in this manner be considered available? The genus is included as validly published in the World Spider Catalog: wsc.nmbe.ch/genusdetail/2046

D. P. Wijesinghe
dpwijesinghe at yahoo.com

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