[Taxacom] New Wikipedia page for Neave's "Nomenclator Zoologicus"

Tony Rees tonyrees49 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 21 14:12:36 CDT 2019

One thing I was thinking, it might be interesting to cite any subsequent
published comments or analysis regarding "data quality" i.e. completeness /
names missed, accuracy (names misspelled, either in the original work or
the uBio transcription), correctness of original cited publication
instances or other aspects... I have seen some remarks in this area
regarding Sherborn's "Index Animalium", but not Neave's work - other than
some treatments including names "not in Neave" on a sporadic basis. Of
course, the volumes did include their own corrections (over 3,000) to
records as originally published, as new information was to hand. Any
thoughts, suggestions for additional wording welcome. Of course the
challenges of producing such a work were and continue to be enormous, and a
small error rate is to be expected, especially for compilations produced
basically longhand in (or even after) the pre-computer era.

Regards - Tony

On Wed, 21 Aug 2019 at 17:18, Tony Rees <tonyrees49 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear Taxacomers,
> As a moment of light relief, I decided that Neave's notable "Nomenclator
> Zoologicus" compilation (1939 and successors) deserved an article on
> Wikipedia, which was lacking previously, so I created one just now.
> Interested persons might like to take a look, also advise if I have missed
> anything that deserves a mention:
> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nomenclator_Zoologicus
> I am happy to adjust any wording or add additional references, etc., if
> they may improve the article further.
> Regards to all - Tony
> Tony Rees, New South Wales, Australia
> https://about.me/TonyRees

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