[Taxacom] Phasmida vs Phasmatodea

Soowon Cho chosoowon at gmail.com
Sun Aug 25 01:09:54 CDT 2019

Dear members,

Regarding my question on Phasmida vs Phasmatodea, here are the conclusion I
made based on your responses.

1. Phasmida: is the oldest name (by Leach in 1815) and is the simplest name
close to its common name, phasmid.
2. Phasmatodea: is one of the correctly latinized names from Phasmatidae.
3. Both Phasmida and Phasmatodea are OK to be used as ICZN has no rules for
the construction of names of orders.

Therefore, it only depends on how widely used the name is.
Thank you for your responses.


Soowon Cho
chosoowon at gmail.com
Dept Plant Medicine
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