[Taxacom] 2020 De Candolle Prize

Laurent.Gautier at ville-ge.ch Laurent.Gautier at ville-ge.ch
Fri Jul 5 09:48:06 CDT 2019

Dear All,

I have the pleasure to announce the opening of the 2020 edition of the De 
Candolle Prize.

The De Candolle Prize 2020 will be awarded to the best monograph in botany 
and mycology.

The details on the Prize and the application procedure can be found below.

With my best wishes,

Philippe Clerc 
Secretary of the De Candolle Prize

2020 PRIZE

The Société de Physique et d'Histoire naturelle (SPHN) of Geneva is 
pleased to an-
nounce the award of the Augustin-Pyramus de Candolle Prize in 2020. This 
recognizes the author of the best treatment of a taxonomic group of 
plants, algae or
fungi. The intent of the prize is to encourage and foster the publication 
of monographic
treatments in vegetal taxonomy, preferably by scientists still in an early 
stage of their

The submitted work should be a complete coverage of the treated group, 
namely its
arrangement in a system of hierarchical classification. It should follow 
the integrated
taxonomy approach, including descriptions of morphological and anatomical 
physiology, chemistry, ecology and molecular phylogenetics. Complete 
critical synonymy and identi_cation keys are required. The work should 
comply with
the International Code of Nomenclature.

The work may consist of a single monograph or of a series of papers on the 
same group.
In this case, the candidate must be the author or the first author of the 
phylogeny and
taxonomy work. Submitted works should be unpublished or published after 
April 30th,

The prize is open to authors of all nationalities. The text, however, must 
be written
in French, English, Spanish or Portuguese. A summary of the monograph, of 
no more
than 4000 words, must be written in English or French.

The work should be received before September 1rst, 2019 along with its 
and author's curriculum vitae, as electronic files uploaded at the 
following URL
https://vdgbox.ville-geneve.ch/index.php/s/X2FDnKZZCCZDjNk, or as printed 
ume(s), in two copies, to the following address:

Augustin-Pyramus de Candolle Prize
Conservatoire et Jardin botaniques de la Ville de Genève
Case postale 71
CH-1292 Chambésy

The 2020 de Candolle Prize of CHF 5000, will be awarded in Geneva, early 
in 2020,
in the presence of the winner, invited by the SPHN to attend the ceremony. 

For more details, please contact the Prize Secretary, Philippe Clerc at 
philippe.clerc at ville-ge.ch.

For information on the history of the Prize, consult 

The President of the SPHN

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