[Taxacom] arazonensis or arizonaensis

John Grehan calabar.john at gmail.com
Wed Jul 24 12:03:15 CDT 2019

Thanks for the quick feedback. And of course I meant arizonensis. When
typing my fingers always want to type ara instead of ari. They need better
training. I infer that there is nothing in the code to preclude
abbreviating 'Arizona' to 'arizon' as in arizonensis?

John Grehan

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> On 7/24/19 9:16 AM, John Grehan via Taxacom wrote:
> > I am describing a new bug from Arizona. A colleague of mine says that to
> > name it with reference to that state the name should be arazonaensis.
> But I
> > have also seen species (e.g. the desert scorpion Hadrurus arizonensis)
> with
> > the other form. Under whatever rules apply is there anything incorrect
> with
> > arazonensis which is a little easier to say than arazonaensis? Any
> informed
> > opinion most welcome.
> >
> Among insects, there are over 200 species names spelled "arizonensis"
> and 0 spelled "arizonaensis". Make of that what you will.
> Peace,
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