[Taxacom] OMG! DNA only descriptions (with one habitus photo)!

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Almost 10 years ago, Andy Brower described 10 species of skipper butterflies based on DNA.

His paper was cleverly written as a caution to others and I recommend it be read (or read again for those who have already done so)*.

From his paper: “ ... if phenetically clustered mtDNA sequences represent the future currency of biodiversity informatics, then nomenclature (and systematics) will become largely superfluous. Biodiversity will be parsed according to a phenetic algorithm that ignores homoplasy and symplesiomorphy, and recognizes ‘species’ on the basis of a few nucleotide differences in a single gene region.”

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One of my main worries with this approach is that it seems pretty obvious that they are basing their judgements of species distinctions on a cursory and superficial morphological examination and then assuming that the associated DNA profiles define species! Obviously, however, every individual organism has a different DNA profile, and I doubt that any categorical genetic genetic distance between species applies across the board, so, when all said and done, all we have here is one photo of possibly limited diagnostic value and a DNA sequence for that same individual! This is not taxonomy as we know it! They should have known that DNA really stands for Do Not Attempt!
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Revolutionary? Not at all. Especially given the largely toothless opinions
regarding species and taxa overall that permeate biology. This is just
another instance of technology driving science at the expense of the
established principles upon which science is supposed to be based.

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