[Taxacom] DNA only descriptions

bayshark at exemail.com.au bayshark at exemail.com.au
Sat Jul 27 19:45:33 CDT 2019

Yes this is the best comment about description of Insects.



DNA only descriptions (with one habitus photo)?


My opinion, after many years of experience, is that you have to make careful
descriptions, with well-made drawings, since they are more informative than
the photographs. the photographs must be of quality and as complement to the
drawings for the color and not for the morphology, yes for the habitus,. 


The DNA is complementary, as it is made with a few hundred bases and
recently it has been seen that there may be important changes between
mitochondrial DNA and nuclear DNA. I do not believe that a description with
a new name can be accepted only with DNA.


Rafael Jordana Butticaz




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