[Taxacom] Article Request

Hugo Dolsan hugodolsan at gmail.com
Tue Jul 30 18:56:44 CDT 2019

Hi, my name is Hugo Dolsan, i've tried to find two articles on your website
but couldn't find, i guess because they're from earlier than 1922. My
advisor told me i could send an e-mail requesting in case you have it, but
outside the website.
If you could send me, it would be much appreciated. The articles are:
HILDEBRAND, F. Weitere Beobachtungen fiber die Bestaubungsverhdltnisse an
Bliithen. Utricularia vulgaris. Bot. Zeit. 27, 505, I869.
Knuth P (1899) Handbuch der Bl├╝tenbiologie. II. Wilhelm Engelmann,

Thank you very much for your attention, Hugo Dolsan

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