[Taxacom] OMG! DNA only descriptions (with one habitus photo)!

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Given that we taxonomists are sampling nature, the minimum sample is that which is adequate for our own purposes (good, well-represented classification) and the purposes of others (say, ecology, population genetics, environment). What is the minimum sample of species for each group that allows evaluation of evolutionary relationships, for instance? We really do not have the time or personpower to deal with a decaying nature.

Richard Zander

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Dear colleagues,

I have been following the discussion. I think the question addressed in the manuscript is an important one: being faced with species numbers several times as high as the number of currently described ones, what can we do to approach it in a faster though efficient way and make it "nameable" for other studies, specifically in hyperdiverse and underexplored taxa. The question is, what is the minimum we can agree upon. Or is it unnecessary to explore new approaches, trying to approximate an inventory of life in a foreseeable period?
As the editor of the journal I of course invite any reply to this publication, but I think it would be best for the cause to really address this very question.

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