[Taxacom] Paper request: Journal of the Society for British Entomology, 1952, 4:93

Laurent Raty l.raty at skynet.be
Sat Mar 9 14:13:03 CST 2019

It reads:

"Euleia caesio (Harris) (Dipt., Trypetidae) in the North of England
By S. Shaw (Manchester Museum)
Three males of this rare Trypetid fly were taken by Mr. W. D. Hincks and 
myself during a field excursion of the North-West Naturalists' Union to 
Millers Dale, Derbyshire, on 11th August, 1951. Continual heavy rain 
considerably hampered collecting, making it impossible to sweep the 
undergrowth, and these flies were discovered resting on the underside of 
Horse Chestnut leaves (Aesculus hippo-castanum L.) near the riverside, 
the surrounding herbage consisting mainly of Butterbur (Petasites 
hybridus (L.) Gaertn., Mey. and Scherb.). There seem to be only a few 
records of this insect for Derbyshire and the adjacent counties. Mr. H. 
Britten has taken it from the following localities: one male, Chatt 
Moss, Lancashire, 9.vii.1939; one male, Mobberly, Cheshire, 5.viii.1944; 
one male, Millers Dale, Derbyshire, 3.v.1945. The species is not 
recorded from Yorkshire. The food plant of E. caesio does not appear to 
have been established. M. Niblett (1939, Ent. Rec, 51: 70) says, "The 
larvae occur in mines in the leaves of Lychnis diurna Sibth. ( = 
Melandrium dioicum (L.) Coss and Germ.)." But J. E. Collin (1947, Ent. 
Rec, 59: Suppl. (1-14)) states that this is incorrect. J. W. Saunt 
(1931, Proc. Coventry nat. Hist. and Sci. Soc, 48) reports the capture 
of four specimens resting on Butterbur, at Farnborough, Warwickshire, 
19.viii.28, 11.viii.29. Both these plants which have been associated 
with this Trypetid occur commonly in Millers Dale."

That's all.
Cheers, Laurent -

On 3/9/19 2:11 PM, Andy Mabbett wrote:
> I have a source that begins:
> "Mr. S. Shaw (1952, J. Soc. Brit. Ent., 4: 93) has reported the occurrence
> of the very local Trypetid Euleia caesio (Harris) at Miller’s Dale in 1945 and
> 1951."
> but does not name that paper (it may be a mere note or letter, or a
> sighting included in a paper by a different author). Does anyone have
> a copy, or at east the title, please?
> I've searched BHL and archive org, without success.

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