[Taxacom] intelligent design, cambrian explosion, mudpuppies

Timothy Dickinson tim.dickinson at utoronto.ca
Mon Mar 11 12:23:24 CDT 2019

hi fred--- i trust the mudpuppies are still going. isn't this around 
when you all go looking at them? anyway, i don't know as i have anything 
smart to say about the cambrian explosion or arguing with ID types. 
rather, have you already found the burgess shale site that the ROM did 
for Parks Canada? https://burgess-shale.rom.on.ca/en/index.php

there's a lot there to look at and think about, including a free .pdf by 
curators jean-bernard caron and dave rudkin. as others pointed out, i 
doubt you can change anybody's mind, especially as ID isn't science, but 
some kind of retrofitting of faith onto data from paleontology, 
evolutionary theory, development, and phylogeny. i imagine the 
disagreement begins with whether one sees the need for an ID theory. if 
i wasn't an atheist i would be thrilled with a god or goddess who could 
come up with such a long and amazing history, easily outdoing anything 
humans have thought up and recorded as gospel (including ID).


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