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Below latest papers from JoTT. Open access, no author fee journal.

‘Non-protected’ primates as bushmeat, pets and pests in southeastern
Democratic Republic of Congo
Paul Kaseya Kazaba, Pp. 13251–13260

Diversity, structure and natural history of amphibians in the upper Claro
River basin, a buffer zone of the National Natural Park Los Nevados,
Central Cordillera of Colombia
Julián Andrés Rojas-Morales & Mateo Marín-Martínez, Pp. 13261–13277

Medium and large-sized mammals in an Atlantic Forest fragment of Brazil:
recording of threatened species
Vinícius Nunes Alves, Caroline Marques Maia, Telma Regina Alves & Renata
Cristina Batista Fonseca, Pp. 13278–13286

behaviors of macaques in Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park,
Palawan, Philippines
Lief Erikson Gamalo, Joselito Baril, Judeline Dimalibot, Augusto Asis,
Brian Anas, Nevong Puna & Vachel Gay Paller, Pp. 13287–13294

Current data on the reproduction of Four-horned Antelope Tetracerus
quadricornis in zoological parks
Gérard Dubost, Stéphane Labes & Armelle Lutz, Pp. 13295–13303

Characterization of dorsal guard hair of the wild goats and sheep (Bovidae:
Caprinae) occurring in the Himalaya and
estern Ghats of India
Manokaran Kamalakannan, Pp. 13304–13309

Rediscoveryof the ‘extinct’ bee Hesperocolletes douglasi Michener, 1965
(Colletidae:  Colletinae: Paracolletini) in Western Australia and
firstdescription of the female
Juliana Pille Arnold, Mark V. Murphy, Raphael K. Didham & Terry F. Houston,
Pp. 13310–13319

Butterflies of the myristica swamp forests of Shendurney Wildlife Sanctuary
in the southern Western Ghats, Kerala, India
Prabhakaran Chandrika Sujitha, Gopal Prasad & Kalesh Sadasivan, Pp.

Pollination ecology of three ecologically valuable carpetweed herbs,
Mollugo cerviana, M. nudicaulis and M. pentaphylla (Molluginaceae)
Maddala Sulakshana & Aluri Jacob Solomon Raju, Pp. 13334–13349

Sacred groves: a traditional way of conserving plant diversity in West
Midnapore District, West Bengal, India
Uday Kumar Sen, Pp. 13350–13359

Media reporting on the protected areas in Maharashtra, India: a thematic
Trupthi Narayan & Pankaj Sekhsaria, Pp. 13360–13376

Avian survey in tourist sites near Putao in northern Myanmar
Alexey E. Scopin, Vladimir N. Sotnikov, Dmitry V. Skumatov & Alexey A.
Sergeyev, Pp. 13377–13384

New record of Blue-eyed Eastern Spadefoot Toad Leptobrachium bompu
(Amphibia: Megophryidae) from Sarpang District in Bhutan
Jigme Tenzin & Jigme Tshelthrim Wangyal, Pp. 13385–13389

New record of Low’s Flatfaced Longhorn Beetle Sarothrocera lowii White,
1846 (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae: Lamiinae: Lamiini) in Nagaland, India,
along with first-time descriptions of male and female genitalia
Kolla Sreedevi, Manisha Sharma & Hemant Vasant Ghate, Pp. 13390–13394

On the rediscovery of Onychomesa susainathani, an emesine bug endemic to
India (Heteroptera: Reduviidae: Emesinae)
Hemant Vasant Ghate & Balasaheb Sarode, Pp. 13395–13401

First record of the callianassid ghost shrimp Neocallichirus jousseaumei
(Nobili, 1904) (Decapoda: Axiidea) from India
Imtiyaz Beleem, Paresh Poriya & Bharatsinh Gohil, Pp. 13402–13405

New distribution records of four species of crop wild relatives to India
K. Pradheep, K. Joseph John, G.D. Harish, S.M. Sultan, I. Jaisankar, K.
Naveen, S.P. Ahlawat & Manish Kanwat, Pp. 13406–13414

Animal-fungal interactions 3:first report of mycophagy by the African
Brush-tailed Porcupine Atherurus africanus Gray, 1842 (Mammalia: Rodentia:
Todd F. Elliott, Camille Truong, Olivier Séné & Terry W. Henkel, Pp.

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