[Taxacom] Happy Taxonomist Appreciation Day!

Robert Zuparko rz at berkeley.edu
Wed Mar 20 11:09:32 CDT 2019

Well, I thought I'd just share something I wrote back in 1995, "Dem
Taxonomic, Intergrading, Microscopic, Polymorphic Blues", which is set to
the tune "Stealin" (an old blues tune):

Sittin' at a scope

counting hairs on veins

The numbers always changin'

Driving me insane

Maybe it’s the light

or the focus ain't right

Or it could be just

a tiny speck of dust.

Try to


with characters I cannot use.

Cuz they look alike

I got dem

Taxonomic blues.

Traipsing cross-country:

yet another museum.

Hunting for types

with no per diem.

Sittin' in stuffy rooms,

breathin' in those fumes.

Lord, that PDB,

its a-chokin’ me.


and back pain.

My mind I'm beginning to lose.

Cryptic species haunt my dreams.

I got dem

 Taxonomic blues.

Working on this group

for the past eleven years.

My keys and descriptions

are a-spotted with my tears.

Just when I was through

the group was reviewed.

All my names, so prized,

they're now synonymized.


and splitters

both claim I hold the wrong views.

Lord take me now,

I got dem

Taxonomic blues.
Robert Zuparko
Essig Museum of Entomology
1101 Valley Life Sciences Building, #4780
University of California
Berkeley, CA 94720-3112
(510) 643-0804


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