[Taxacom] Charles Mohr at the 1891 AAAS Meeting

Thomas Murphy thm52126 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 21 15:40:32 CDT 2019


I am looking for any potential sources on the comments Charles Mohr made
about *Clematis reticulata *Walter in the Eastern Gulf States at the 1891
American Association for the Advancement of Science in Washington DC. In
Mohr's (1892) notes on leaf variation of the species, he states the

"In view of these facts, the position I have taken in my remarks made
before the Botanical Club of the American Association for the Advancement
of Science, at the Washington meeting in I891, in regard to the specific
character of the specimens of Clematis from the Eastern Gulf States has to
be abandoned."

I would like to figure out what remarks he abandoned, as I suspect it was
potentially in reference to the taxonomy of *C. reticulata*, in contrast to
Mohr attributing observed variation to clinal variation in his 1892
publication. However, Mohr does not appear in the 1891 Proceedings of AAAS.
Are there any journals or other sources I am possibly overlooking?

Thank you,

Thomas Murphy
Graduate Research Assistant
Austin Peay State University

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