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Insect taxonomist vacancy at CDFA
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Job announcement -
Call for Applications for systematic/taxonomic entomologists!

The Plant Pest Diagnostics Branch of the California Department of Food & Agriculture is seeking applicants for an upcoming job opening for one or more systematic/taxonomic entomologists. Submitting your examination by the due date will determine your eligibility to be considered for the upcoming position and any other open positions that may come up during the life of the eligible list being established. This is a two part process, with the examination (this announcement) first, followed by the application phase for those on the eligible list. Please disperse widely (and quickly, given the final filing date is April 30, 2019).

Open submission period for the civil service examination is March 22 to April 30, 2019
FINAL FILING DATE: April 30, 2019

Position: Associate Insect Biosystematist

Current Salary Range: $5,508 to $6,844 per month
[Note, the next level is Senior Insect Biosystematist, salary range: $6,187 to $7,691 per month]

Job Location:
Plant Pest Diagnostics Center
California Department of Food & Agriculture
3294 Meadowview Road
Sacramento, CA 95832, USA

We are seeking applications from highly-qualified, morphology-leaning systematic/taxonomic entomologists for full time employment as scientists in the Entomology Lab at the Plant Pest Diagnostics Center (CDFA) in Sacramento, California. Please visit http://cdfa.ca.gov/plant/ppd/entomology.html for an introduction to our lab (even though the webpage is a bit out of date) and the California State Collection of Arthropods, which currently has a full-time scientific staff of 1 Associate Insect Biosystematist, 7 Senior Insect Biosystematists, 1 Senior Environmental Scientist Supervisor, 1 Environmental Program Manager I and 3 Environmental Scientists, as well as technicians, students and postdocs, all with a wide variety of taxonomic expertise across insect, other arthropod and mollusk taxa.

The eligible list (from which we must hire) lasts for at least one year (and up to two years), so we encourage systematic and taxonomic entomologists across all taxa to apply. We are not specifically soliciting for any particular taxonomic group, so consider this open to taxonomic expertise within insect or other arthropod groups.

The primary duties for an Associate Insect Biosystematist include the following:

1)      Perform timely and accurate identifications and diagnostics of the taxonomic group(s) assigned – broad familiarity and knowledge of your group is necessary for this function. Provide expert consultation to internal and external client groups.
2)      Conduct research in systematics and taxonomy of insects or other arthropods (note, this does not have to be the same group as diagnostic responsibility), resulting in scientific publications.
3)      Contribute to the growth and development of the California State Collection of Arthropods, our primary reference collection, currently home to nearly 3 million curated specimens, and growing rapidly.
4)      Participate in the general functions and activities of the Entomology Lab and the greater Plant Pest Diagnostics Center team. Please visit http://cdfa.ca.gov/plant/ppd/ for an introduction to the Branch.

Visit https://www.jobs.ca.gov/JOBSGEN/9FA06.PDF (the Exam Bulletin) for details and how to apply for this position. Please carefully read this exam bulletin in its entirety and provide everything that is requested. Also visit http://www.cdfa.ca.gov/Employment/ regarding starting the process, and for additional resources.

Application procedure: Documents may be submitted by email (to exams at cdfa.ca.gov), or in printed and signed hard copy. For emailing or hand delivery, all materials must be RECEIVED BY April 30, 2019. For hard copy mailing, all materials must be POSTMARKED BY April 30, 2019. For hard copy mailing or hand delivery, use the following address:

California Department of Food and Agriculture
Examination Unit, Attn: Alison Torngren
1220 N Street, Room 242
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 403-6581

What to submit:
1)      The completely filled-out State Application (https://jobs.ca.gov/pdf/std678.pdf)
2)      The completed Supplemental Application in the Exam Bulletin (pages 7-12 therein) (https://www.jobs.ca.gov/JOBSGEN/9FA06.PDF)
3)      Copies of academic transcripts

If you have any technical questions about the application process, please contact Alison Torngren (916- 403-6581). For other questions, please feel free to contact Steve Gaimari (stephen.gaimari at cdfa.ca.gov; 916-738-6671) or Shaun Winterton (shaun.winterton at cdfa.ca.gov; 916-738-6686).

Dr. Stephen D. Gaimari
Environmental Program Manager I (Entomology & Botany)

Plant Pest Diagnostics Center
California Department of Food and Agriculture
3294 Meadowview Road
Sacramento, CA 95832, USA

Tel. 916-738-6671, Fax 916-262-1190
E-mail  stephen.gaimari at cdfa.ca.gov

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