[Taxacom] holotype designation

Thomas Pape tpape at snm.ku.dk
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A holotype is defined as:

"The single specimen (except in the case of a hapantotype, q.v.) designated or otherwise fixed as the name-bearing type of a nominal species or subspecies when the nominal taxon is established".

If the author does not mention - directly or indirectly - any other specimen(s) on which the species was based, then there is no doubt that the single type is a holotype. I would consider the sole specimen as a holotype fixed by monotypy.

/Thomas Pape

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I could probably figure this out from the rules of nomenclature, but perhaps someone will know off the cuff as I would like to be sure and have the info quickly. If someone in 1958 states "type, a male, unique...…" is that sufficient for the specimen to be referred to as a holotype since it is clear that the type is represented by a single specimen?

Thanks. John Grehan
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