[Taxacom] Nepal and Tibet locality location question

John Grehan calabar.john at gmail.com
Thu May 16 12:07:15 CDT 2019

If by any chance anyone knows anything about the modern name or location of
the following place names I would be most grateful. They are for some
insect types

Tibet Tsangpo Valley [Yarlung Zangbo River?], Nyima La (14,000 ft) (I'm
assuming this refers to the long river to the north of the Himalaya, but
cannot find 'Nyima La'. I did find a Nyima county [Nagqu] just to the north
of the Zangbo river valley.

Nepal: Chautara District, Nauling Lekh. I could not find Nauling Lekh or a
Chautara District, although I found reference to Chautara as the
Headquarters of the Sindhupalchauk District [Sindhupalchok?] which would
make sense for the bug (moth) I am looking at.

Many thanks, John Grehan

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