[Taxacom] Nepal and Tibet locality location question

Adam Cotton adamcot at cscoms.com
Thu May 16 13:24:11 CDT 2019

On 17-05-2019 00:36, David Boufford via Taxacom wrote:
 > Hi John,
 > Answers to your questions for the places in Tibet
 > .
 > Tibet Tsangpo Valley [Yarlung Zangbo River?] -- Yes
 >   'Nyima La' -- = Nyalam, 28°09'16.5"N 85°59'02.3"E -- I think this 
is the
 > place.  It's on one of the few roads from Tibet into Nepal.
 >   Dave

I agree with the first part, but am less certain that 'Nyima La' is Nyalam.

"La" means Pass in Tibet, so the place could be Nyima Pass, rather than 
Nyalam. John found "Nyima county [Nagqu]" and it is possible the 
locality is a pass in or leading to the county. It is worth noting that 
Nyalam is not on the Yarlung Tsangpo river, which also suggests that 
this town near the border with Nepal is not the correct locality.

There are also issues with spelling of Tibetan place names, as they can 
be spelt the Tibetan or the Han Chinese way, and many places have 
different names in both languages as well.


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