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Christos Georgiadis cgeorgia at biol.uoa.gr
Tue May 21 10:19:05 CDT 2019

Dear Colleagues,


We are need of the following papers. We would be grateful if you have them to share a copy!


Nonveiller, G. (1994)["1991"]: Revision des mâles du genre Stenomutilla de la Paléarctique occidentale avec description d'espèces nouvelles (Hymenoptera, Mutillidae). (11ème  contribution а la connaisscance des Mutillides paléarctiques). – Bolletino del Museo civico di Storia Naturale di Verona, vol. 18, pp. 137-194.


Invrea, F. (1952). I Mirmosidi d’ Italia (Hymenoptera: Myrmosidae). Memorie della Societa Entomologica Italiana 31: 5-21, 3 figs.


Skorikov, A.S. (1927) Sur la sousfam. des Myrmillini (Myrmosidae, Hymenoptera) dans la région Paléarctique. Yezhegodnik Zoologicheskogo Muzeya Akademii Nauk SSSR, 28(1), 33–47 (in Russian). 


Invrea, F. (1964). Mutillidae-Myrmosidae. Fauna d’ Italia. Vol. 5. Edizioni Calderini, Bologna, 303 pp. (That one is an out-of-print book…)


Thank you in advance for your efforts!





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