[Taxacom] User survey, database of species phenotypic traits from taxonomic literature

Boyle, Bradley L - (bboyle) bboyle at email.arizona.edu
Thu May 30 18:49:33 CDT 2019

Dear Taxacomers,

I’m part of a group of developers working on a project to extract species phenotypic traits from taxonomic literature using natural language processing and machine learning. I’ve put together a short survey to gauge interest by potential users of the resulting product: an online database of taxa and traits, linked to a consensus tree of life. All data would be freely accessible.

While the data will likely be of greatest interest to ecologists, it would be good to get the opinions of systematists as well. Links to literature will be preserved, thus providing searchable snapshots of individual taxon concepts (e.g., traits of Aus bus sec. Smith 2004). 

The survey is a short and anonymous google docs form. You can access it here:


And a shortened version, in case you have trouble with the above url:


Thanks for taking time to complete this survey.

Brad Boyle


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