[Taxacom] end-Cretaceous extinction aftermath and "Rise of the Mammals"

Kenneth Kinman kinman at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 6 08:57:47 CDT 2020

Hi All,
    Last night I was watching a rerun of the 2019 NOVA program "Rise of the Mammals".  Very good show if you are interested in the end-Cretaceous extinction event "aftermath" in general (and mammals in particular).  For those interested and missed the program, two weblinks are given below (the first one to an article and second one to streaming video of the actual program).
                           ---------------Ken Kinman

Article on the NOVA program:

Streaming video of NOVA program "Rise of the Mammals":  https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/video/rise-of-the-mammals/

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