[Taxacom] Mongolian locality

Barry OConnor bmoc at umich.edu
Thu Aug 6 10:36:42 CDT 2020

Dear colleagues - I am trying to track down a locality for a mite specimen
collected in Mongolia. With the spelling I have, the locality doesn't show
up in GNIS or in a Google search.
The specimen data for the mammal host that I have are as follows:

*Allactaga sibirica* (Rodentia: Dipodidae)
Mongolia: Conocharychngol
6 June 1975
Stubbe #97

If anyone recognizes this rodent specimen and knows where it might be
housed, that information would be useful as well. The late colleague
from whom I received the mite specimen often had issues with spelling on
his specimen labels.
Any help with this locality and specimen repository will be appreciated!
Stay well!! - Barry

-So many mites, so little time!
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