[Taxacom] Robert Ward Tate Samoa entomology

John Grehan calabar.john at gmail.com
Wed Aug 12 09:15:32 CDT 2020

I recently noticed that a label for a moth from Samoa (western, not
American) recorded that the specimen was collected in 1914 and was part of
the R.W. Tate collection (specimen now part of the New Zealand Arthropod
Collection). I learned that Robert Ward Tate was a NZ governor of Samoa
1919-1923. I found one reference to his having an interest in gardening and
the study of insects, but so far nothing else about his entomological
interests. Evidently he had an insect collection that includes specimens
collected by other individuals (since 1914 precedes his tenure in Samoa).
I anticipate that he was an observer and collector, but did not publish and
so perhaps the scope and nature of his interest is lost to history.
However, if by any long shot someone knows anything further that is
published I would be most interested to hear.

John Grehan

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